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Re: Thai Passport UK..

Postby konstabel els » Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:59 pm

Prenders88 wrote:
Collingwood Hero wrote:Do they have a Mr Happy there ?

What did u buy from the counter selection ???

They don't sell cheap watches or soap sets .
You deal with the officers behind thick plate glass, and speak into a mic.
Just like a Thai monkey house visiting room.

Yes all of them are Mr Happy. No smiles, and rude security guards. Fooking bored looking Jobsworths.
Most of the Border agency staff were wearing hijabs, or looked as if they originated from the African subcontinent.
There is a Muslim prayer room on the same floor, but if you want a shit it's a long walk to bogs.
The irony of it made me chuckle. "(
That place sums up Croydon.

How dare you Prenders - tut tut !! - the united kingdom is rich vibrant and healthy in its cultural diversity!! - I had the pleasure of having to go to stepney a while back to get my wifes NI card , amongst about 300 people I was the only caucasian there - apart from a security guard opening the door , it was a lovely wonderful experience -being surrounded by somalis, pakistanis, all types of africans and romanians -pity I had to go home in a hurry - I so much would have love to have stayed!!
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Re: Thai Passport UK..

Postby Noodles » Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:20 am

Ok lets give an update.......

Went in Today....armed with copys of everything mentioned and more,
arrived 10.00am......left at 11.40am... ^":>
Take your ticket....waited 30 turns, then up to the window number 1-2...they checked the papers, gave the green light i coughed up £25 in cash only...then back to the Thai only desk, finger print scan,1 new photo scan, checked through papers again gave receipt then job done....wait 6 weeks now.

The place was packed as i expected, but its a small basement, lots of people Thai and farang didn't have a clue what to do, but the Thai staff of 5 were very nice and helpful when asked, a few observations....

1. A elderly lady waited in there for about 30 minutes to pick up her passport then realized she was in the wrong place and wanted the Bangladeshi Embassy located Next Door.... **

2. A older grey haired chap waiting for his Visa wearing an old suit jacket and trousers + White trainers with a old white faded 'Pattaya' t-shirt on full view under the open jacket.... *****

3. A Few Thai's draped in gold Turning up...and trying to jump the que by going straight up to the windows to get served first....but the staff have none of that and point to the 'serving number' above... *****^^

4. A Farang and his TW having travelled some distance only to be told they don't have the right documents...he was not impressed and he told them thats all what he was told to bring by the person who answered the phone there a week earlier..... ^":>

5. A European man that had about 6 passports applying for visa's...when he asked if he could just submit the forms but keep the passports as he wanted them for something else...... **

6. A Thai Girl Queing like everyone else was, with a handbag ....nothing unusual about that my Mrs has Hundreds of them...anyway i was people watching, and i noticed her handbag still had the price tag attached.....with a hand written price of £ it was not a £120 handbag as i know handbags i have brought enough of them.. ^":> and it was not a quaility label that a £120 handbag would have attached, also the writing was not in the style of a English was certainly written by her and attached by her with a bit of thin stood out to me, i told the Mrs to check it...and she said Arrr yes she probably has done it to show everyone she has a £120 handbag....when infact it was probably £15 down the market ..thats 'Kon Thai' she said... :lol: ...made my day.. :D

7. Quite a few confused looks on peoples faces....and mega smiles when farangs received their passports complete with tourist Visa's and where told No Charge..its free....!!!

anyway i wait for 6 weeks, then i can go again. :mrgreen:
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Re: Thai Passport UK..

Postby rubberman » Wed May 05, 2010 12:44 pm

beer monkey wrote:In 6 months time The Wifes Passport expires, she already has done the extension in her first whats the procedure.....How Long, Over The Counter in London, Cost,Photos,Whats needed, Do they Put The Old Pages(Visa Stamps) Back In The New passport...whats the score..?


the score changed for me but i eventually got on top of it taking notice of the thai counsel website in Queensgate temple was a waste of time here.s a story about the journey down there accommodation and
new thai biometric passport in London ++)(*
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