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Whether your a full time resident of Udon Thani/Issan, have family or friends in the area, thinking of visiting the Northeast of Thailand or just interested in joining in the banter between some of the many strange individuals that call UdonTalk their cyberspace home, COME ON IN!

UdonTalk is an adult orientated Udon Thani forum, most of us gained the
keys to the door many, many years ago, so please expect some of the topics
to contain strong language. Our main objective is simply to provide a little
fun for all our users, making money is not high on our agenda, I'm not sure
we even have an agenda, but covering running costs would be nice! So if
you have a few minutes to spare why not pop in and say Hi.

At UdonTalk we try to remain on the lighter side of life, we strive to be
a source of entertainment as well as providing factual information gleaned
from the collective experience of our membership. If you have a specific
question pertaining to the area then please feel free to ask away.

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